Kayla & Paul. wedding

Kayla & Paul’s frosted mountain backdrop did not disappoint when ideas flew about a destination wedding! The ski lover’s town of Whistler, Canada was completely covered by fresh blankets of snow just as friends and family gathered for the wedding. This wedding was so much fun to shoot and so special because Kayla has been a long time friend from way back in our ol’ college days!

Kayla has a unique and hilarious sense of humour, loves to travel and meet new people. She’s basically just an awesome, easy-going person that loves to laugh and have a good time- and the people around her can’t help but do the same! I can’t claim to be one of Kayla’s closest friends, but once I met Paul and saw them together-oh my goodness!- you just knew it was a match to last forever! Paul is kind-hearted and shares a sense of humour and easy-goingness that matches Kayla so well. But the real tell of their compatibility was Kayla had that natural, peaceful, relaxed nature about her you get when you are in the security of an unconditional love, I was won over by this guy immediately!

This wedding was an intimate gathering of friends and family in all the right ways. The ceremony was breathtaking situated on the Fairmont Chateau’s roof top chapel. All Kayla and Paul’s loved ones bundled up in many layers and cute plaid blankets to stay warm. It was an intimate group of people allowing the reception dinner to be held in a laid-back pub, a quick snowy stroll into The Village.


{We always have time for glamour shots! 😉 }


{Mom has got to keep her girl fed!}


{She’s ready!}


{There was something about him carrying her shoes…completely adorable!}



{This location was just incredible. The Fairmont’s roof top chapel turned into an absolute winter wonderland!}


{The ceremony}



{That deserves a high-five, nailed it!}


{Congratulations Kayla & Paul, you couldn’t have picked a more beautiful setting for such beautiful people to get married. Cheers to a long and happy marriage!}



Jenny & Carter. wedding

This wedding was so special to me for so many reasons! Let’s start with Jenny and what an amazing girl she is- I met her 4 years ago in a women’s bible study and right off the bat I could tell this girl had an amazing heart, is so sincere, compassionate and wants to uplift others.

Watching Jenny and Carter’s wedding unfold was like watching a dream wedding in a movie in all the right ways! The day was incredibly thoughtful and special; the two were so smitten with each other and looked like they were able to simply soak in the day and enjoy each other through each moment (and all you brides know how hard that can be-wedding days are so crazy!)

And oh my goodness the details that went into this wedding were total eye candy- it made this photographer very happy!

IMG_0300IMG_0355IMG_9255IMG_9256IMG_9257IMG_9258IMG_9258-2IMG_0133IMG_9258-3IMG_9259IMG_9265IMG_9280IMG_9290IMG_9300IMG_9349IMG_10401{Time to put on the dress!}IMG_10441IMG_10460IMG_10461IMG_10465IMG_10531IMG_10540IMG_10579IMG_10597IMG_10598IMG_10623IMG_10630IMG_10709

{Ready for the First-Look!}


{I just thought this was adorable, he’s checking out his bride ;)}

IMG_0760IMG_0816IMG_0855IMG_0858IMG_0860IMG_0920IMG_0922IMG_1010IMG_1077IMG_1079IMG_1080IMG_1081IMG_1120IMG_1125IMG_1128IMG_1184IMG_1433IMG_1440IMG_1450IMG_1455IMG_1462IMG_1538IMG_1576IMG_1600Untitled-1IMG_1628IMG_1656IMG_1IMG_1900IMG_2IMG_1927IMG_1984IMG_2024IMG_2057IMG_2094IMG_2114IMG_2122IMG_2176IMG_2252{I cried too! (How can you not when you have a front row view of that!?)}IMG_2309IMG_2310IMG_2400IMG_2422IMG_2448IMG_2475

{Sneaking their first private kiss as husband and wife! Woohoo!}


{First dance as husband and wife}


{I have to say, the speeches are usually my favourite part! You hear from the bride and groom’s closest loved ones about who they are and their journey to find each other. You  get to know people better in such a special way, I  LOVE IT!}


{Jenny’s father presented her with a gift…}


{A glass slipper because growing up she would ask him to play Cinderella with her and be her prince when he got home from work every evening}


Congratulations Jenny & Carter! Thank you so much for involving me in such a special day!

Garden Party Wedding

A Summer Garden Party Wedding

I had so much fun collaborating with my fellow photographer friends down south in Auburn, WA a month back during this breathtakingly beautiful styled wedding shoot! Thank you soo much to the amazing vendors (listed below) for the amazing flower arrangements, dresses, cake and hair & make-up!

IMG_3218 - CopyIMG_3282IMG_3374IMG_3522IMG_3664IMG_4321IMG_4319IMG_4398IMG_4447IMG_4454IMG_7847IMG_7871 - CopyIMG_7916IMG_8104IMG_8298IMG_8375IMG_8455 - CopyIMG_8516IMG_8700IMG_8746 - Copy

A big thank you to our vendors:

Hair & Make-up by Christine Carbone with A Prima Salon

Dress provided by New Beginnings Bridal Studio

Modeling done by Amber French

Cake by Michelle’s sweet Designs

Florals by Natale Bella Fiore

Jason & Aubrie. wedding

{Part Two of Winter Wedding Styled Shoot}

These two beauties may look familiar to some people! Jason & Aubrie are my BEAUTIFUL brother and sister-in-laws! I can’t get over how amazing this wedding shoot was; you can’t go wrong when your surrounded by beautiful frosted woods! And what better company to keep than your own family!

Jason and Aubrie are a goofy, adventurous and affectionate couple. When I asked them to trek around in the snow while sporting suits and gowns they were all in (even though a Seahawks game was on, thanks Jay, I owe you one big time)! They made the day a blast with her bubbly attitude and his sense of humor 🙂 Thank you again Jason and Aubrie for these incredibly romantic moments!



Thanks again to our vendors!

Hair & Makeup by Dawn Padgett with Seattle Bride Hair

Florals by Jessica Freier with JNJ Floral

Dresses from Nadia’s Evening

Cake by Diane’s Delights in Seattle

Jewlery from Gabby Jacobsen, Chloe & Isabel


Mckenzie & Daniel. wedding


This last November I had the privilege of meeting a group of people through a Facebook group who have gathered together for the purpose of learning and bettering themselves in the art of photography. This group of people represent photographers from a wide range of experience; some have been professionally taking pictures for longer than a decade, and some who cherish the skill for purely personal reasons as a hobby. Competition knows no name within this supportive haven. Being a part of it has already enriched my knowledge and skill set in picture-taking, and the amount of willingness to help one another provides a priceless amount of support! (Thanks guys!)

I find myself in the middle of this group, pursuing photography as a profession, but only on the cusp of a career. This January I was privileged to participate in our group’s Winter Wedding stylized shoot. This was a blast! I want to say a big “thank you” to Tammy & Katrina who were the main forces behind this shoot, to our generous vendors (listed at the bottom), and a “thanks” to the rest of the group for the camera lessons and encouragement shared as we rubbed shoulders fighting for those priceless shots side-by-side 😉

Mckenzie & Daniel were such a fun couple to spend the day with, their photos show PART one of two! If you like this post look out for Part Two where my brother and sister-in-law make their debut!


A HUGE thank you to our vendors,

Hair & Makeup by Dawn Padgett with Seattle Bride Hair

Florals by Jessica Freier with JNJ Floral

Dresses from Nadia’s Evening

Cake by Diane’s Delights in Seattle

Jewlery from Gabby Jacobsen, Chloe & Isabel

Mark & Becky. engagement



Meet Mark & Becky! Mark popped the big question in Mexico on the beach (so dreamy!) while they were on a mission trip with their church this October. When you get to know these two it becomes clear how excited and in love with each other they are 🙂 They are kind-hearted, genuine and love to laugh with each other. I’m so excited I got to do a mini session with them to celebrate their engagement!

Tying the knot right away this December, they waste no time!! (I love it. When you know, you know!)






Congratulations to Mark & Becky!

Ashley & Jeremy. engagement

ashley&jeremy (22 of 98)

Introducing Ashley and Jeremy, newly engaged to be married on the 28th of this coming November!

This session was particularly special to me as the bride-to-be is my younger sister! I am so excited for both Ashley and Jeremy. It is so exciting to see the perfect “fit” come along for someone you love and this couldn’t be more true for these two. It will be an honor to acquire Jeremy as a brother-in-law and watch these two share their wedding vows in the same church both our parents AND grandparents shared theirs!

Taking these photos was incredibly fun, located at Mukilteo Beach, WA. The sunset was almost as beautiful as the couple 😉

ashley&jeremy (6 of 98)Picture 8Picture 9ashley&jeremy (11 of 98)ashley&jeremy (19 of 98)Picture 10Picture 11ashley&jeremy (24 of 98)ashley&jeremy (26 of 98)ashley&jeremy (28 of 98)Picture 12ashley&jeremy (34 of 98)ashley&jeremy (35 of 98)ashley&jeremy (37 of 98)Picture 13Picture 14ashley&jeremy (62 of 98)Picture 15ashley&jeremy (52 of 98)ashley&jeremy (53 of 98)Picture 16ashley&jeremy (63 of 98)ashley&jeremy (69 of 98)ashley&jeremy (70 of 98)Picture 17Picture 18ashley&jeremy (83 of 98)ashley&jeremy (84 of 98)Picture 19ashley&jeremy (88 of 98)ashley&jeremy (94 of 98)ashley&jeremy (90 of 98)ashley&jeremy (91 of 98)