Tori. seniors

I think I got some of my favourite landscape shots with Tori on our Eastern Washington desert shoot! She has such a beautiful and calm demeanor about her which made more dramatic and moody shots with the vast mountains and valleys surrounding us a perfect fit. (Sigh) it was just so fun! Tori is a junior this year but came along as an amazing model for our senior photos (I think I’ll hunt her down again next year! ;))



Mckenna. seniors

So McKenna was part of our dream team that went to the deserts of eastern Washington!  From what I got to know of this girl, she is hilarious and crazy (especially with her friends) and was fearless in front of the camera! I am soooo glad I had the opportunity to work with this girl!!


McKenna, you are awesome!!! Happy grad year!!

Morgan. seniors

This is Morgan!

We took an adventurous road trip out to eastern Washington a few weeks ago to catch these bohemian desert styled senior photos for her!! It was a total blast. Accompanying us were her two friends and I must say, those girls were great at entertaining themselves. Don’t let Morgan’s calm and soft expressions fool you, that girl is a total goof ball! So fun! 🙂


Dusk hit so it was time for a few fun shots with layers and candle light!


So excited for your grad year, Morgan!! I love that we are kinda sisters-in-law!


Brandon. seniors

Brandon is graduating class of 2017!! We headed down to the Everpark area of Everett to catch some brick walls, street lights and an urban feel to capture his hobby, gloving (you’ll see near the end of this post!!).

I often ask my male clients if they enjoy having their picture taken (to see how I can help them feel comfortable in front of the camera) and Brandon replies that “I love having my picture taken,” (Jackpot!). It was so fun spending the time with him and his mom, he was up for any kind of adventure for the sake of getting a good shot (a little too adventurous for his mom’s liking! ;)) So needless to say, we had a blast!



Sophie. seniors

This is Sophie!

I had a crazy amount of fun with her and her sister doing these mock senior shoots. I have known the two for 4 years now from church and helping lead their youth group. Bella was my classic bohemian beach babe, and Sophie and I had fun doing a more modern/tomboy shoot with cameo and smoke grenades! SO FUN 🙂


{Blue holi powder for school pride!}


Bella. seniors

This is Bella and I was so excited when her and her sister agreed to do a mock senior shoot with me because I think these girls are pretty cute and they have fantastic taste in clothes (they did not disappoint 😉 )

We took a bit of an adventurous hike to get to Howarth Park, in Everett but it was absolutely worth it once we starting shooting in all the glowy light the sun washed ocean waves were giving us!


{These two beauts became my new favourite photos instantly!}


{Blue for school pride!}


Izzy. seniors

Meeting Elizabeth (Izzy) was a total blast! I was absolutely thrilled that I was able to squeeze one more senior shoot in for our 2016 graduates- I have been LOVING the senior photo scene! Izzy was super fun and a trooper as I asked her to climb on old tree logs in bare feet 🙂 And I have another reason to brag about her at the end of this post 😉

Congrats on graduating Izzy, I’m so excited for your next adventure!!!IMG_5803IMG_5812IMG_5836IMG_5875IMG_5889IMG_5919IMG_5933IMG_6018IMG_6038IMG_6077IMG_6160IMG_6182IMG_6219IMG_6224IMG_6262IMG_6264IMG_6268IMG_6355IMG_6378IMG_6396

{This ambitious and skilled girl won state in Javelin!}


Roozengaarde Tulips. senior photos

I got to do senior photos for a great group of girls and had the TIME OF MY LIFE! I met these awesome girls through a fellow photographer, Tammy Dalquist, and I’m so glad I got to tag along with Tammy as we visited the Roozengaarde Tulip farm near Mount Vernon!

This seriously was a blast, I LOVE doing senior photos and can’t wait to do more! Here’s a brief look at what I took (out of 1,500 photos…woops, there goes my shutter count)!


_MG_8576_MG_8590_MG_8592_MG_8606_MG_8625_MG_8328_MG_8330_MG_8335_MG_8351_MG_8162_MG_8171_MG_8169_MG_8184_MG_8280_MG_8187_MG_8192_MG_8201_MG_8219_MG_8801_MG_8811_MG_8823_MG_8825_MG_8839_MG_8894_MG_8930_MG_8934_MG_8853_MG_8855_MG_8860_MG_8871_MG_8877_MG_8878{Group Shots!}_MG_9353_MG_9364_MG_9355

{Snuk some cute candids}_MG_9389_MG_9398_MG_9379