Shelford. family

This sunshine filled shoot was originally supposed to be just a family shoot until Marissa & Connor found out they are expecting!! Taking pregnancy announcement photos and capturing the excitement of their family’s newest adventure was an exciting honor to be a part of! Also, their girl Brooke- totally won my heart over with her blue bow, blonde curls and independent spirit. This shoot was full of giggles, high fives and chasing bunnies around the park- it couldn’t have been more fun!

Connor & Marissa, congratulations for a new baby on the way and growing this beautiful family of yours!



{Shelford Baby #2 is on its way, horray!}


{Marissa’s beautiful sister, Nicole came to celebrate the big news!}



{So excited for you, Marissa! I wish you a healthy pregnancy and an abundance of late night ice cream runs! 😉 }



Jeremy & Ashley. family

Jeremy & Ashley’s family lifestyle shoot featured none other than their new baby girl, Rosalynd, better known as Rosie! By the way, this is also my sister, brother-in-law and niece!! (and I mustn’t forget Rosie’s canine brother- Koa 🙂 )

It has been incredible watching my sister turn into a mother. Ashley is a driven, skilled and intelligent business guru and like all children do, Rosie has brought her mother’s compassionate, nurturing side to even greater depths. And it is craaazy cute watching Jeremy melt over his daughter, you can tell he’s becoming more and more wrapped around her tiny 3 month old finger!



Kayla & Paul. wedding

Kayla & Paul’s frosted mountain backdrop did not disappoint when ideas flew about a destination wedding! The ski lover’s town of Whistler, Canada was completely covered by fresh blankets of snow just as friends and family gathered for the wedding. This wedding was so much fun to shoot and so special because Kayla has been a long time friend from way back in our ol’ college days!

Kayla has a unique and hilarious sense of humour, loves to travel and meet new people. She’s basically just an awesome, easy-going person that loves to laugh and have a good time- and the people around her can’t help but do the same! I can’t claim to be one of Kayla’s closest friends, but once I met Paul and saw them together-oh my goodness!- you just knew it was a match to last forever! Paul is kind-hearted and shares a sense of humour and easy-goingness that matches Kayla so well. But the real tell of their compatibility was Kayla had that natural, peaceful, relaxed nature about her you get when you are in the security of an unconditional love, I was won over by this guy immediately!

This wedding was an intimate gathering of friends and family in all the right ways. The ceremony was breathtaking situated on the Fairmont Chateau’s roof top chapel. All Kayla and Paul’s loved ones bundled up in many layers and cute plaid blankets to stay warm. It was an intimate group of people allowing the reception dinner to be held in a laid-back pub, a quick snowy stroll into The Village.


{We always have time for glamour shots! 😉 }


{Mom has got to keep her girl fed!}


{She’s ready!}


{There was something about him carrying her shoes…completely adorable!}



{This location was just incredible. The Fairmont’s roof top chapel turned into an absolute winter wonderland!}


{The ceremony}



{That deserves a high-five, nailed it!}


{Congratulations Kayla & Paul, you couldn’t have picked a more beautiful setting for such beautiful people to get married. Cheers to a long and happy marriage!}


Munoz. family

Mini sessions in tree farms are a splendid thing! I had so much fun re-uniting with an old co-worker, Amanda, for a family holiday session 🙂 Amanda and Miguel have two of thee cutest daughters, Aria and Maryanna -I was frantically shooting as many shots of Maryanna eating those ornaments as I could!! Too cute! Happy Holidays, Munoz family! 🙂




Haughian. family

I was so excited to do a family session for the Haughian family this holiday season! My husband and I have been family friends with Nick and Jessica for a few years now and absolutely love this family (Nathan and I still quote some of Logan’s hilarious battle cries!)  They are celebrating their newest edition, baby-brother Lincoln and it was so much fun watching the two older siblings, Lucy and Logan, smother him with kisses!






Musseau. maternity

Sarah, John and soon-to-be big brother Jackson are expecting their newest edition January 2017!! Congratulations Musseau family, all your family and friends are so excited for the blessing God has in store for you in just a mere matter of months!!








Tori. seniors

I think I got some of my favourite landscape shots with Tori on our Eastern Washington desert shoot! She has such a beautiful and calm demeanor about her which made more dramatic and moody shots with the vast mountains and valleys surrounding us a perfect fit. (Sigh) it was just so fun! Tori is a junior this year but came along as an amazing model for our senior photos (I think I’ll hunt her down again next year! ;))


Mckenna. seniors

So McKenna was part of our dream team that went to the deserts of eastern Washington!  From what I got to know of this girl, she is hilarious and crazy (especially with her friends) and was fearless in front of the camera! I am soooo glad I had the opportunity to work with this girl!!


McKenna, you are awesome!!! Happy grad year!!

Morgan. seniors

This is Morgan!

We took an adventurous road trip out to eastern Washington a few weeks ago to catch these bohemian desert styled senior photos for her!! It was a total blast. Accompanying us were her two friends and I must say, those girls were great at entertaining themselves. Don’t let Morgan’s calm and soft expressions fool you, that girl is a total goof ball! So fun! 🙂


Dusk hit so it was time for a few fun shots with layers and candle light!


So excited for your grad year, Morgan!! I love that we are kinda sisters-in-law!


Brandon. seniors

Brandon is graduating class of 2017!! We headed down to the Everpark area of Everett to catch some brick walls, street lights and an urban feel to capture his hobby, gloving (you’ll see near the end of this post!!).

I often ask my male clients if they enjoy having their picture taken (to see how I can help them feel comfortable in front of the camera) and Brandon replies that “I love having my picture taken,” (Jackpot!). It was so fun spending the time with him and his mom, he was up for any kind of adventure for the sake of getting a good shot (a little too adventurous for his mom’s liking! ;)) So needless to say, we had a blast!