Jenny & Carter. wedding

This wedding was so special to me for so many reasons! Let’s start with Jenny and what an amazing girl she is- I met her 4 years ago in a women’s bible study and right off the bat I could tell this girl had an amazing heart, is so sincere, compassionate and wants to uplift others.

Watching Jenny and Carter’s wedding unfold was like watching a dream wedding in a movie in all the right ways! The day was incredibly thoughtful and special; the two were so smitten with each other and looked like they were able to simply soak in the day and enjoy each other through each moment (and all you brides know how hard that can be-wedding days are so crazy!)

And oh my goodness the details that went into this wedding were total eye candy- it made this photographer very happy!

IMG_0300IMG_0355IMG_9255IMG_9256IMG_9257IMG_9258IMG_9258-2IMG_0133IMG_9258-3IMG_9259IMG_9265IMG_9280IMG_9290IMG_9300IMG_9349IMG_10401{Time to put on the dress!}IMG_10441IMG_10460IMG_10461IMG_10465IMG_10531IMG_10540IMG_10579IMG_10597IMG_10598IMG_10623IMG_10630IMG_10709

{Ready for the First-Look!}


{I just thought this was adorable, he’s checking out his bride ;)}

IMG_0760IMG_0816IMG_0855IMG_0858IMG_0860IMG_0920IMG_0922IMG_1010IMG_1077IMG_1079IMG_1080IMG_1081IMG_1120IMG_1125IMG_1128IMG_1184IMG_1433IMG_1440IMG_1450IMG_1455IMG_1462IMG_1538IMG_1576IMG_1600Untitled-1IMG_1628IMG_1656IMG_1IMG_1900IMG_2IMG_1927IMG_1984IMG_2024IMG_2057IMG_2094IMG_2114IMG_2122IMG_2176IMG_2252{I cried too! (How can you not when you have a front row view of that!?)}IMG_2309IMG_2310IMG_2400IMG_2422IMG_2448IMG_2475

{Sneaking their first private kiss as husband and wife! Woohoo!}


{First dance as husband and wife}


{I have to say, the speeches are usually my favourite part! You hear from the bride and groom’s closest loved ones about who they are and their journey to find each other. You  get to know people better in such a special way, I  LOVE IT!}


{Jenny’s father presented her with a gift…}


{A glass slipper because growing up she would ask him to play Cinderella with her and be her prince when he got home from work every evening}


Congratulations Jenny & Carter! Thank you so much for involving me in such a special day!