Musseau. maternity

Sarah, John and soon-to-be big brother Jackson are expecting their newest edition January 2017!! Congratulations Musseau family, all your family and friends are so excited for the blessing God has in store for you in just a mere matter of months!!









Jimmy & Bekah. maternity


Vicky. maternity

IMG_6899I am IN LOVE with this shoot! I met Vicky when we both worked at Abercombie & Fitch…and yes it’s true…we do know how to fold clothes better than anyone else 😉

            Due August 8th, Vicky is anticipating her little girl, Addison Danielle!              I was so excited to take pictures for Vicky, and no surprise since she is such a beautiful woman, the pictures turned out amazing! Vicky had that all too beautiful pregnant glow and modeled her baby bump like a champ as we tried to evade the prickle bushes in the fields! I’m so excited for you, Vicky!




I can’t wait to meet your little girl!

Stephen & Jaclyn. maternity

IMG_4660Meet Stephen & Jaclyn…

A.K.A. my bother and sister-in-law!

When these two announced their exciting news I was SO excited, I couldn’t wait to be an auntie! Growing up I had a special relationship with my own aunt…I was her “little sunshine, her only sunshine…” When Stephen and Jaclyn shared they were having a girl, I knew I was going to have my own little sunshine!

It was a privilege to be able to celebrate their pregnancy with them during this session in anticipation of the up and coming Emma Paige Waltman, Due February 17!!

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