Tori. seniors

I think I got some of my favourite landscape shots with Tori on our Eastern Washington desert shoot! She has such a beautiful and calm demeanor about her which made more dramatic and moody shots with the vast mountains and valleys surrounding us a perfect fit. (Sigh) it was just so fun! Tori is a junior this year but came along as an amazing model for our senior photos (I think I’ll hunt her down again next year! ;))



Mckenna. seniors

So McKenna was part of our dream team that went to the deserts of eastern Washington!  From what I got to know of this girl, she is hilarious and crazy (especially with her friends) and was fearless in front of the camera! I am soooo glad I had the opportunity to work with this girl!!


McKenna, you are awesome!!! Happy grad year!!

Morgan. seniors

This is Morgan!

We took an adventurous road trip out to eastern Washington a few weeks ago to catch these bohemian desert styled senior photos for her!! It was a total blast. Accompanying us were her two friends and I must say, those girls were great at entertaining themselves. Don’t let Morgan’s calm and soft expressions fool you, that girl is a total goof ball! So fun! 🙂


Dusk hit so it was time for a few fun shots with layers and candle light!


So excited for your grad year, Morgan!! I love that we are kinda sisters-in-law!


Sarah & John. anniversary


Road-tripping to eastern Washington with Sarah & John was a blasty-blast!

I recruited these two to road trip with me to Vantage, Washington for a church project BUT ALSO to take advantage of the dramatic and romantic desert landscape for some couples photos. It was perfect because it was their 7 year anniversary on June 20th!

Sarah & John, I’m so happy it worked to do our two projects together! You guys were fun and entertaining road-trippers and such a beautiful couple to take photos of!


Congratulations on 7 years of marriage!