Sarah & John. anniversary


Road-tripping to eastern Washington with Sarah & John was a blasty-blast!

I recruited these two to road trip with me to Vantage, Washington for a church project BUT ALSO to take advantage of the dramatic and romantic desert landscape for some couples photos. It was perfect because it was their 7 year anniversary on June 20th!

Sarah & John, I’m so happy it worked to do our two projects together! You guys were fun and entertaining road-trippers and such a beautiful couple to take photos of!


Congratulations on 7 years of marriage!


Paul & Kayla. engagement

Where do I even start! Taking photos for Paul and Kayla’s engagement was a privilege because I got to celebrate such an exciting engagement with a friend who has been a schoolmate, roommate and bridesmaid to me! Kayla is awesome- when I think of Kayla I think of Super Nintendo Donkey Kong and red wine (so basically a great sense of humor and good taste 😉 ). The best part though is she has met an amaaaaazing guy, I can’t emphasize that enough-Paul is crazy awesome and it was adorable seeing him play with my 9 month old! They are such an awesome duo, and it’s wonderful to see a friend find a perfect “fit” who clearly makes her feel adored and unconditionally loved 🙂



{So Kayla loves horses and I just so happened to have a hook-up to a beautiful farm with a horse, 6 goats and one plump pig. The horse got to make her debut here ;)}_MG_2352_MG_2451_MG_2500_MG_2327.jpg

Kayla & Paul, I’m so happy for you! You guys are so smitten with each other, it made me so happy taking pictures of you! I can’t wait to celebrate your wedding day with you guys next year!!

Jason & Aubrie. couple

This rustic lakeside shoot was a dream! In the misty Seattle autumn Jason, Aubrie and I ventured to one of our family friend’s home in Duvall and I took pictures while they reminisced about how they met for the first time at this same home!

This first shot was an attempt at recreating their first words to one another 7 years prior; a classic scenario of the boy falling for the girl much sooner than she shows any interest ;). Congratulations, Jason & Aubrie for making it through your first year of marriage together. You guys had your adversities to persevere through, but what a beautiful way to celebrate what you guys have together because of it! Love you both very much! 🙂


Nathan & April. engagement


IMG_1792Congrats to Nathan and April for getting engaged this December!!

I’m just going to brag about how adorable they are for a second because these two lovebirds are my brother and soon to be sister-in-law! I can’t believe I have had the privilege to take my own brother’s engagement photos and my sister’s within half of a year. I feel so blessed!

My brother Nathan has always being a considerate, intuitive and romantic brother from the time he could write you his own love poem-scavenger hunt at the age of five. When April came into the picture a few years ago she was everything a sister could want for her brother and she matches him flawlessly. She is such an intelligent, creative and authentic person. Discarding the idea of your typical diamond engagement ring, she instead asked him for his birthstone. (Thank you April for loving my brother so much, my family is so blessed to receive you as a sister and daughter and it’s so fun to see my brother head over heals for you!)






After we spent time in the woods we wandered over to an old mining location with the most beautiful historic buildings!


(and then out for some hot drinks to warm up :))


Can’t wait to see you two tie the knot in August, LOVE YOU BOTH!

Mark & Becky. engagement



Meet Mark & Becky! Mark popped the big question in Mexico on the beach (so dreamy!) while they were on a mission trip with their church this October. When you get to know these two it becomes clear how excited and in love with each other they are 🙂 They are kind-hearted, genuine and love to laugh with each other. I’m so excited I got to do a mini session with them to celebrate their engagement!

Tying the knot right away this December, they waste no time!! (I love it. When you know, you know!)






Congratulations to Mark & Becky!

Ashley & Jeremy. engagement

ashley&jeremy (22 of 98)

Introducing Ashley and Jeremy, newly engaged to be married on the 28th of this coming November!

This session was particularly special to me as the bride-to-be is my younger sister! I am so excited for both Ashley and Jeremy. It is so exciting to see the perfect “fit” come along for someone you love and this couldn’t be more true for these two. It will be an honor to acquire Jeremy as a brother-in-law and watch these two share their wedding vows in the same church both our parents AND grandparents shared theirs!

Taking these photos was incredibly fun, located at Mukilteo Beach, WA. The sunset was almost as beautiful as the couple 😉

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