a little about me, chantal:

I am a mother to two beautiful boys, the wife to an incredibly funny and considerate husband and an excessively camera happy wife, sister, daughter, auntie and friend. 

I’m originally from the great white north of Canada but moved to Lake Stevens, Washington when I married my wonderful husband. It’s been 6 years now living in the Pacific North West and even though I’ll always be a Canuck at heart, I have fallen in love with this country and specifically this area we live in. From the mountains we hike along highway 2, the wide open farming fields in Snohomish and the scattered beaches on the Puget Sound, this is a beautiful place to live and capture life’s sweetest moments in!

Another crucial thing you need to know about me: I’ve always been in love with the sea 🙂 I had a ridiculous collection of shells, sand dollars and beach pebbles growing up. I must admit they all looked the same, but I couldn’t stop myself from hoarding those beautiful tokens from the ocean! There is something so soulful about the smell of the saltwater in the air it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach and no matter the freezing temperatures, if it is a new beach or body of water I haven’t been to yet, my toes are going in it!!! This is why you will see so many of my sessions by sea and sand! So, this website is an expression of me! Chantal Waltman or…SeaWaltman (a play off my first initial)!

I hope you love what you see because all of these pictures are my precious babies!

Please see the Investment page for prices and how to get in touch, I’d love any opportunity to get behind my camera!

One thought on “About

  1. I’m getting married June 11th in Arlington, WA and was looking to see if your were available. I got your website from Lauren France. Please let me know if you are available and prices. And if you need anymore information.


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