Paul & Kayla. engagement

Where do I even start! Taking photos for Paul and Kayla’s engagement was a privilege because I got to celebrate such an exciting engagement with a friend who has been a schoolmate, roommate and bridesmaid to me! Kayla is awesome- when I think of Kayla I think of Super Nintendo Donkey Kong and red wine (so basically a great sense of humor and good taste 😉 ). The best part though is she has met an amaaaaazing guy, I can’t emphasize that enough-Paul is crazy awesome and it was adorable seeing him play with my 9 month old! They are such an awesome duo, and it’s wonderful to see a friend find a perfect “fit” who clearly makes her feel adored and unconditionally loved 🙂



{So Kayla loves horses and I just so happened to have a hook-up to a beautiful farm with a horse, 6 goats and one plump pig. The horse got to make her debut here ;)}_MG_2352_MG_2451_MG_2500_MG_2327.jpg

Kayla & Paul, I’m so happy for you! You guys are so smitten with each other, it made me so happy taking pictures of you! I can’t wait to celebrate your wedding day with you guys next year!!


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