Roozengaarde Tulips. senior photos

I got to do senior photos for a great group of girls and had the TIME OF MY LIFE! I met these awesome girls through a fellow photographer, Tammy Dalquist, and I’m so glad I got to tag along with Tammy as we visited the Roozengaarde Tulip farm near Mount Vernon!

This seriously was a blast, I LOVE doing senior photos and can’t wait to do more! Here’s a brief look at what I took (out of 1,500 photos…woops, there goes my shutter count)!


_MG_8576_MG_8590_MG_8592_MG_8606_MG_8625_MG_8328_MG_8330_MG_8335_MG_8351_MG_8162_MG_8171_MG_8169_MG_8184_MG_8280_MG_8187_MG_8192_MG_8201_MG_8219_MG_8801_MG_8811_MG_8823_MG_8825_MG_8839_MG_8894_MG_8930_MG_8934_MG_8853_MG_8855_MG_8860_MG_8871_MG_8877_MG_8878{Group Shots!}_MG_9353_MG_9364_MG_9355

{Snuk some cute candids}_MG_9389_MG_9398_MG_9379


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