Brock, the Beginning. personal

I can’t believe Brock and I have been together for 8 months today.

I’m sure no mom will be shocked that it’s only just now that I have found some time to look through the photos I took of my baby when he was just 3 weeks old. In a way I am thankful it took me so long to get to these photos. I feel like I am cherishing every moment of sorting through and editing each of these moments. I am soaking all these pictures in right now because he has changed so much; too much!

UGH! My heart is melting! The only thing that comforts me as I mourn the loss of that new and delicate stage of life he once was in, is that I love him even more today (and now, he smiles and motions to me that he wants me to pick him up and it’s the best thing ever 🙂


Happy 8 months, Babe 🙂



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