Emma’s 1st Birthday. family

It was such a blast hosting my niece’s 1st birthday at our home! Per her mother’s request the party was themed after Emma’s beloved stuffed turtle, “Mrs. Pettigrew!” Emma is such an energetic party animal and loved every moment of the love and attention she got while family and friends watched as she unwrapped her first birthday presents and tore into her own cake!

Happy Birthday Emma, you are one extremely loved girl!

IMG_6060.jpgIMG_6050.jpg(the lady of the hour, Miss Emma!)IMG_6060IMG_6065IMG_6070

IMG_6100IMG_6101IMG_6102IMG_6103IMG_6145IMG_6147IMG_6169IMG_6170IMG_6171IMG_6172IMG_6175IMG_6178IMG_6260IMG_6300Time to tare into some cake!IMG_6320IMG_6325IMG_6326IMG_6354IMG_6375IMG_6400I can’t get over HOW CUTE this was!!! IMG_6406IMG_6409IMG_6410IMG_6420IMG_6460IMG_6465

the big kids played in front of the house 😉IMG_6564IMG_6565

Happy Birthday Emma, You Are Sweeter Than Cake!



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