Mckenzie & Daniel. wedding


This last November I had the privilege of meeting a group of people through a Facebook group who have gathered together for the purpose of learning and bettering themselves in the art of photography. This group of people represent photographers from a wide range of experience; some have been professionally taking pictures for longer than a decade, and some who cherish the skill for purely personal reasons as a hobby. Competition knows no name within this supportive haven. Being a part of it has already enriched my knowledge and skill set in picture-taking, and the amount of willingness to help one another provides a priceless amount of support! (Thanks guys!)

I find myself in the middle of this group, pursuing photography as a profession, but only on the cusp of a career. This January I was privileged to participate in our group’s Winter Wedding stylized shoot. This was a blast! I want to say a big “thank you” to Tammy & Katrina who were the main forces behind this shoot, to our generous vendors (listed at the bottom), and a “thanks” to the rest of the group for the camera lessons and encouragement shared as we rubbed shoulders fighting for those priceless shots side-by-side 😉

Mckenzie & Daniel were such a fun couple to spend the day with, their photos show PART one of two! If you like this post look out for Part Two where my brother and sister-in-law make their debut!


A HUGE thank you to our vendors,

Hair & Makeup by Dawn Padgett with Seattle Bride Hair

Florals by Jessica Freier with JNJ Floral

Dresses from Nadia’s Evening

Cake by Diane’s Delights in Seattle

Jewlery from Gabby Jacobsen, Chloe & Isabel


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