Nathan & April. engagement


IMG_1792Congrats to Nathan and April for getting engaged this December!!

I’m just going to brag about how adorable they are for a second because these two lovebirds are my brother and soon to be sister-in-law! I can’t believe I have had the privilege to take my own brother’s engagement photos and my sister’s within half of a year. I feel so blessed!

My brother Nathan has always being a considerate, intuitive and romantic brother from the time he could write you his own love poem-scavenger hunt at the age of five. When April came into the picture a few years ago she was everything a sister could want for her brother and she matches him flawlessly. She is such an intelligent, creative and authentic person. Discarding the idea of your typical diamond engagement ring, she instead asked him for his birthstone. (Thank you April for loving my brother so much, my family is so blessed to receive you as a sister and daughter and it’s so fun to see my brother head over heals for you!)






After we spent time in the woods we wandered over to an old mining location with the most beautiful historic buildings!


(and then out for some hot drinks to warm up :))


Can’t wait to see you two tie the knot in August, LOVE YOU BOTH!


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