Brock’s 1st Thanksgiving. personal

IMG_0796I think it’s time for a personal post!

This August 6th I had my first baby! Brock Christopher Waltman has completely stolen my heart. It’s interesting… when you are pregnant for the first time you hear from all these moms how wonderful it is having a child. You hear what they are saying, but there is nothing that can prepare you for the reality of how much love and how much FUN you experience as you watch your own little person grow up in front of you.

At almost 4 months old I don’t think there has been a day yet when I haven’t kissed this boy on his over-sized head at least 20 times and laughed at his ever changing facial expressions. My husband loves to repeat Brock’s made-up words; they have become lasting quotes in our home.

So here is a little piece of me this time, celebrating our family’s first Thanksgiving with Brock!


my darling boy, I will love you more than you can ever know.



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