Stephen & Jaclyn. maternity

IMG_4660Meet Stephen & Jaclyn…

A.K.A. my bother and sister-in-law!

When these two announced their exciting news I was SO excited, I couldn’t wait to be an auntie! Growing up I had a special relationship with my own aunt…I was her “little sunshine, her only sunshine…” When Stephen and Jaclyn shared they were having a girl, I knew I was going to have my own little sunshine!

It was a privilege to be able to celebrate their pregnancy with them during this session in anticipation of the up and coming Emma Paige Waltman, Due February 17!!

S&J 1IMG_4676S&J 3S&J 4IMG_4739S&J 5IMG_4755IMG_4750IMG_4776_2S&J 6IMG_4797IMG_4785_2IMG_4820IMG_4843S&J 7IMG_4847_2S&J 8IMG_4851


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